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I would appreciate your comments either on my pipes or my site as this is the only way I can improve my craft and service. Thank you for your time and input.

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2012-10-19, south carolina , u.s.a.

Evening pipe in classic Poker shape...
$US 275
This pipe is absolutely awesome!
Tom Juliano
2012-09-12, Butler, New Jersey, USA

Large Brandy shape pipe, finished in dark Walnut finish, Vulcanite half sadle stem, great pipe...
$US 210
This is a gorgeous pipe, can you tell me the price and are you still making pipes. I think your pipes are outstanding and would love to own some. Keep up the good work ! Tom J.
2012-05-17, Lawrenceburg, Ky USA

My husband is big into pipe smoking, so I'll have to tell him about your site. We were somewhat considering an immigration to New Zealand, and he had me research if there's many people who pipe smoke there. I'm sure he'll like the pipes you have. Thank you, nice site, and nice pipes!
2012-01-08, Hong Kong

Stunning straight grain, acrylic stem + tamper
$US 389
That is a beautiful pipe! I wish I'd seen it sooner.
Rev Cynthia Pape
2011-12-07, Dorchester USA

Cape Cod "Red Tiger"
Classic Rhodesian in my new "Tiger Red" finish, well balanced pipe...
$US 68.50
I am dying to buy a couple of Cape Cod Tiger pipes!
Joseph M Mangiamele
2011-06-13, Silver Star MT. USA

North Wind "Red Tiger"
Larger 1/4 bent sandblast...great outdoor pipe
$US 68.50
My north wind red tiger came the other day----Great pipe,smokes good,feels good in the hand.I think the Lat41 pipes are the best deal going in their price range.
Duncan Nebbe
2011-06-11, Tarkwa, Ghana

Nice cross grain, hand cut Cumberland stem...
$US 395
Hi Jan

If you could please alter the bend of the stem of this pipe to form a more harmonious curve to complement the outside radius of the horn outline, I would be more than happy to add this otherwise perfect pipe to my collection.

2011-05-30, Dunedin NZ

North Wind "Red Tiger"
Larger 1/4 bent sandblast...great outdoor pipe
$US 68.50
Dear Jan,

I am a bit of a traditionalist. I like a classic shape of pipe. What I enjoy in their appearance is in the wood grain. Would you be able to tell me the price of the north wind pipes in red or sand blasted and also the price of the Polo style pipe in the red tiger finish.

Was a pipe smoker for many years. Now I smoke just when I am away from home on a weekend fishing. I used to like smoking Edgworth burley and Balkan Sobranie tobaccos but they are now out of bussiness. I have found a replacement for the later. It is called Sasieni and I have been able to import this from the States. Do you know of an Edgeworth type of tobacco that may be available. Would you also happen to know if Mac Barrens Latakia blend is still in production.




Anthony Macaluso
2011-03-24, Egg Harbor City, NJ U.S.A.

Nerita Green
New Sea Shell shape sandblast, hand cut stem...
$US 295
I am now the proud owner of this pipe. The design and construction of the pipe is first-rate. The draw is smooth and open-enough, without being too
open. The pipe smokes cool and completely dry to the bottom of the bowl, burning all the tobacco. The pipe was a gift and is my first Zeman pipe, but won't be my last.
2011-02-26, Olympia, WA. USA

Freehand "Signature" with great straight grain and PLENTY of birds eyes on the bottom, Lucite stem, beautiful pipe...
$US 360
Hi there,

I really enjoyed looking at the superb craftsmanship of the various pipes. I particularly liked the Signature Etnus. I also really like the work you have done with the unique colored acrylic mouthpiece on the Trilobite, and La Pirana. Is there a price list for any of your signature pieces?
Ken Baker USA, Alabama
2011-02-18, US

NZ snail, nice grain, stunning birds eyes...
$US 390
Your Signature Pupurina Pipe is a true work of art. I am a Pipe Collector and this type of pipe is certainly on my wish list. Keep up the excellent work. Kindest Regards.......Ken Baker

Reggie Melvin
2010-12-05, Pontiac, Illinois USA

Freehand pipe with nice lines and balance...
$US 420
Absolutely beautiful
Earl Schube
2010-12-04, Willis, TX USA

Freehand pipe with nice lines and balance...
$US 420
This is about your new Signature, Odysseus. Simply magnificent pipe! A real work of art and I wish I could afford it right now or it would be sold. But I love the pipe!

Walter Schäppi
2010-09-26, Mönchengladbach, Germany

Neptune "Superia"
Stunning Blowfish...birds eyes galore
$US 620
Dear Jan

Rather casually I've visited your website. Astonishing to me what I could see. My compliments. Luckily I shall come over to NZ next Feb/March. So a visit to Nelson (within the wonderful Marlborough Sounds) is already a MUST. I am delighted in having this opportunity to get to know you personally. It seems that I've already been captured by one or two favourites (Neptune Superia and Zara), but we will see.
Good luck and best wishes, kindest regards, yours

Walter Schäppi
Joe Kamari
2010-09-12, Bukit Beruntung,Malaysia

Beautiful freehand with great straight grain and natural Plateaux bottom...an exceptional pipe
$US 375
Vesuvius-very nice pipe and clear grain. I like your style of showing your pipe.It's clear and clean photos.I'm on my way to make a pipes and all the websites have their own information. These information help me to understand the process of making pipes but the details still the pipe maker secret such as the kind of stain use to stain the briar.I think by provide quite details of information could help others especially a new pipe maker.

Anyway,thank you.
2010-06-27, Wellington

Dear Jan

I am a pipe smoker and I have just been admiring your lovely selection of pipes. Wow some real beautys there. Do you have full price lists at all?

I am trying to form a NZ Smokers Federation to act as a national lobby group for the rights of tobacco consumers here in New Zealand. Anyone interested should contact me at smokersunited@hotmail.co.nz

Well ill let you get back to the pipe manufacturing.


Juraj Crnković
2010-05-20, Slavonski Brod / Zagreb, Croatia

Dear Mr. Zeman!

As a Tolkien's fan, I am interested if you make custom pipes according to the draft? I don't have much money (I'm just a student) nor finished idea of that pipe, but I would like to know if you would make such pipe for me some day. Of course, I've noticed your Lord of the Pipes section (and also have plans to buy at least one of those), but this idea crossed my mind last year and I suppose this is a great opportunity to get in possession of such unique masterpiece.

I wish you to continue to create this unbelievably pleasant pipes!

Yours sincerely,
Juraj Crnković
Guy Prevost
2010-04-30, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

El Torro "Extra"
Stunning horned shape with grain to match...
$US 500
This is the third pipe I've purchase from Jan. It is a truely stunning block of briar. The pictures simply don't do it justice.
It smokes like a dream as do his previous two pipes.
It is the pride of my collection and I feel like I'm on cloud 9 with it between my lips puffing away, a copy of Pipes & Tobaccos magazine or the latest issue of The Pipe Collector in front of me to read, and a "beverage" at my side.
Jan's pipes make life better!!!
Warren Arthur
2010-04-28, Hawker, SA , Australia

Cape Lark
Nice chubby little bulldog...handy for your small pocket
$US 59.50
Hi Jan,

Another great little pipe which is a pleasure to smoke.I will be purchasing another Lat 41 in the very near future. Thanks again for getting this pipe and the North Cape to me before christmas last year.


Warren Arthur
Warren Arthur
2010-04-28, Hawker , SA , Australia

North Cape
Classic Rhodesian in my new Rustic Black finish, well balanced pipe...
$US 59.50
Hi Jan,

I apologise for not giving you some feed back on my North Cape earlier.It is a terrific little smoker and tasted great from the first half bowl.I am looking forward to purchasing one of your higher grade pipes later this year.


Warren Arthur

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