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I would appreciate your comments either on my pipes or my site as this is the only way I can improve my craft and service. Thank you for your time and input.

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2010-03-31, Albuquerque, NM USA

Second in series, beautiful Churchwarden finished in unique rusticated finish...
$US 275
My first Zeman pipe, Lord of the Pipes, Amroth.
Arrived in less than a week to my address on the other side of the world.
First impression, out of the box, Wow !
Initial concern, draw seemed a bit restricted.
After load and light, Unfounded concern about draw.
Smoked like a dream, and stays lit very Very VERY well.
A hard thing to engineer into a churchwarden design. Well done.
Looking forward to adding more Zeman pipes to my collection.
Larry Fasel
2010-03-25, Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A

Amalfi "Superia"
Full bent pipe, excellent grain, hand cut Camberland stem...
$US 595

Such beautiful pipes, wish I could get them all. I 'm the owner of this beautiful pipe and it is a work of art, so easy to hold on the mouth, feels great in the hand to and last but not least a fine smoker. Fine Craftsmanship Jan.
2010-02-15, Grants, USA

The Huntress "Ultima"
My second "Ultima" pipe in as many years...
$US 1000
Thank you for making such wonderful pipes. I bought this pipe for my husband for our anniversary and he is so excited. Although it is not here yet, I'm sure this will quickly become his favorite pipe. I will definately look to you for future presents for my husband.

Robert Grau
2010-02-15, Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin USA

The Huntress "Ultima"
My second "Ultima" pipe in as many years...
$US 1000
Dear Mr. Zeman,

First let me say that the horn shape is one of my favorites. This creation of yours is by far the most beautiful rendition that I have ever seen. The pipe has a medieval look about it that really appeals to me and it certainly captures the hunting theme. I could imagine an ancient hunter smoking this pipe while stalking game in the forest. I would ask you to carve one for me but it would be unaffordable. That's all right. Not being able to afford a Rembrandt does not diminish my pleasure in viewing one. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. They are going into my Wish List" file. Who knows, someday......Bob
Thomas Habiger
2010-02-13, Grants, New Mexico, United States

Great looking LOTR pipe with smooth faces on the bowl and bamboo stem for cool, dry smoke...5th in the series
$US 295
I received my 2nd Jan Zeman pipe a couple of weeks ago; I had to have a pipe while sitting around watching Lord of the Rings. I had heard the long bamboo would deliver a cool smoke, I can certainly concur. It is well balanced, sits very nice in the hand, light as a feather. Pre-coated for easy break in, looks exactly like the picture even though I know Jan just carved it before he sent it. A man of many talents, and a very kind gentleman. Thanks Jan for everything. Thomas
Thomas Habiger
2010-02-13, Grants, New Mexico, United States

Fiery Cross
Third pipe in the Old sea Dog series, classic shape Poker. A sitter and great smoker...
$US 295
I have had this pipe for a few weeks now, it smokes beautifully, it is well balanced, sit’s perfectly in the hand. It is a great driving pipe for me, not to heavy to just hang between teeth. Sits on a table well, no wobble in it. Just an all around awesome pipe. Thank you again Jan.
smokey strodtman
2010-02-09, Gilliam, Missouri USA

North Cape
Classic Rhodesian in my new Rustic Black finish, well balanced pipe...
$US 59.50
Jan, I've been smoking my North Cape for several months now and can honestly say it is the best pipe in my collection. It thrives on smoking and brings out the best in all the tobaccos I smoke in it. Thank you for making such a marvelous pipe.
David Dougherty
2010-02-06, Bethlehem, PA, USA

Utah "Extra"
Delicate frehand with handcut stem...
$US 450
I want to state that I really think this piece is beautiful. What I like about this piece is the way the rim of the bowl mimics the shape of the overall pipe. It reminds me of the geometric "fractal" phenomenon found in nature. Well done on this piece.
Chuck Richards
2009-12-17, Tijeras, New Mexico USA

Cape Horn
Half bent sandblast, well balanced lightweight pipe...
$US 59.50
Just wanted you to know that one of your Cape Horn's made it to the mountains of New Mexico. I was shocked at the lightness of this pipe, and have enjoyed your touch to the rustic finish. My Sav's, Pete's and Stanwell's are going to be clamoring to get a ride in the 4By4 from this point on....now about getting you to make a Red Tiger Lark....

François Marcheterre
2009-10-26, Sherbrooke, Québec

I am a beginner pipe crafter and I really admire your work. I hardly ever saw things so beautiful that they made me want to do them.

Thank you for being a great model.

Dmitriy Kuchinsky
2009-10-13, Moscow

Cape Lark
Nice chubby little bulldog...handy for your small pocket
$US 59.50
I've just received my Cape Lark pipe and bought some Bentley Classic Tobacco to try it. The pipe looks very nice and simple, just like what I've imagined it to be; it also fits great in a palm. I don't even hesitate that I will likw it from the very first smoke.

Thanks a lot for this little chef-d'oeuvre, Mr. Zeman (and the price is surprisingly modest, too ;)).
Adam Gay
2009-10-06, Atlanta, USA

Amalfi "Superia"
Full bent pipe, excellent grain, hand cut Camberland stem...
$US 595
This pipe looks absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to smoke it on my back porch and never leave. PLEASE make another one, I'd love to have one.
António Vasconcelos
2009-09-11, São Domingos de Rana

North Wind
Larger 1/4 bent sandblast...great outdoor pipe
$US 59.50
I don't have any high end pipes on my collection which reached 20 just now, but I have some pipes that cost about twice as much as the Latitude 41 North Wind.
I want to tell everyone that the North Wind is _by far_ my best smoker, and I'm still braking it in.
The bowl coating is absolutely neutral in terms of taste and smell and is a perfect medium for cake build up.

Thank you Mr. Zeman for making such good pipes at this price.
Bob Runowski
2009-09-03, Phila PA, USA

I have the first two YPSC pipes which Jan made. Both pipes are on my "go-to" rack, a rack reserved for pipes I use every day. Jan's pipes are outstanding values and wonderful smokers from the first smoke. I first had a problem, I admit, with the pipes but it was a poor choice of tobaccos not the pipes which caused the problem. Jan's pipes love burley blends. Highly recommended value.
2009-08-02, New Zealand

North Cape
Classic Rhodesian in my new Rustic Black finish, well balanced pipe...
$US 59.50
Thanks for all your help Jan, I received the North Cape recently and couldn't be happier with it. Cheers, Andrew

Magnificent freehand carved by old Great Wizard from top quality Plateaux...
$US 400
I purchased this pipe when I was in Iraq, and it has been a favorite ever since. This Gandorr fits well into the hand, has an excellent smoke, and pleasant to the eye. I’ve had many great smokes with this pipe, and just as ,many comments from admires who like the look. I highly recommend the Gandorr, even if you are not into LOTR!

Jan, I'm looking for the follow-on pippe. Thanks.
Thomas James Mann
2009-07-30, uk

Freehand "Signature", excelent grain, Acrylic stem...
$US 395
Just taken up smoking a pipe. I have found your website really interesting. It would be an honorer to be able to smoke one of your beautiful pipes on day. Many thanks.
Chad Copher
2009-06-16, California, United States

Is it possible to learn what pipes you have available for sale? Or is it possible to place an order for one of the shapes shown on your on your site?

Great pipes!
2009-06-03, Palo Alto, USA

Stunning straight grain, acrylic stem + tamper
$US 389

Not wanting to comment on the pipe but rather ask you about how I buy it.
I cant see a way to contact you directly - I guess this is the way.
Please reserve this pipe for me and contact me regarding a price.

Kind regards,


Bruce Jones
2009-05-17, El Paso, Texas, USA

Your pipes are beautiful!!! I would love for you to include the pipe weight in your descriptions. Regarding your Thorrin de Lux smooth grain, would like to know the price.
Thanking you in advance.

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